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Friesian stable trading in Dutch horses
Friesian stable trading in Dutch horses

Rearing of Friesians in Holland

Our stables, situated in Holland, specialize in the rearing and trade of Friesian horses. We select the horses when they are very young.

The selected horses are divided in groups according to their characteristics and capacities. In winter they are hold indoors, and in summer they are wondering outside, in the pasture.

During the rearing horses are regularly trimmed and dewormed. For many years we have gained a lot of experience in the selection of the best pure breed Friesian.

We use an effective breeding program, which allows us to rise up the Frisians very successfully. This program results are exceptional achievements in various sports competitions.

We always can offer to our customers a couple of Frisians: a mare and stallion, for the most refined connoisseur of Frisians. For breeding specialist we can even offer the elite stallions – studs horses registered in the stud book of Friesians of the Netherlands (FPS).

Our Friesians, well-groomed and healthy, always bring a lot of delight and pleasure to their owners. We strive for a high quality, both in the organization of the trade of buying and selling horses and in good care of them.

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